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What are payday loans?

At certain point in your lifeyou need to make important financial decisions, when the case is horrible. These dire situations call for urgent measures.The payday loans are one of the many comforting measures, explored by those who need money.

However, hearing about payday loans is one thing, but understanding the principles surrounding it is another. To make an informed decision, it’s important to weigh all possible options while learning the rules of payday loans. This article takes an in-depth look at payday loans to help you decide if they suit your needs.

Payday loans are short term loans that are due for payment on the borrower’s next payday. These payday loans are usually high-cost and target people who have poor credit records. Often, payday loans serve as a safe haven in emergencies as the borrower gets a lump sum that’ll be paid back via deductions from their account when they are paid their wages next.

This loan is different from personal loans as it takes a different approach to deduction and has a higher interest fee. The annual percentage rate of payday loans is quite steep, and it tends to be about 400% of the principal.

How does a payday loan work?

A payday loan is quite unlike every other type of loan, as it’s linked to the paycheck of the borrower.This means when you go to borrow a payday loan, your account details are documented.That way, they can deduct the money as soon as you receive your wages. As soon as your payday loan is approved, you need to give the lender a postdated cheque that falls around the period you’re most likely going to get your wages. Furthermore, getting a payday loan isn’t usually dependent on the credit rating.This means that you can get a payday loan even with bad credit.

Major differences between payday loans and personal loans

Personal loans are quite different from payday loans for the duration of payment and method of application.

  1. Duration of payday advance loans: Payday loans are short-term loans that are meant to be paid back as soon as the borrower gets their next paycheck, and this period is usually not more than 30 days. On the other hand, personal loans are obtained to pay back in installments over a long duration.
  2. Lender type: It’s also important to point out that payday loans are offered by businesses that offer such loans to make profits while financial platforms like banks offer personal loans.
  3. Requirements: Personal loans are more structured when it comes to requirements for obtaining the loans. Usually, an intending borrower needs to present credit score rating records before they can be considered for the loan. A bad credit score is likely to put the borrower at a great disadvantage when obtaining the loan. Payday loans, on the other hand, do not have such stringent requirements as the borrower is only required to be of age and have the necessary means to pay back.
  4. Mode of repayment: There is a stark contrast between both loan types in this aspect, as personal loans can be paid back in installments of an agreed fee. However, payday loans are required to be paid in a lumpsum along with accruing interest within the period of the borrower’s next paycheck.
  5. Ease of accessing payday loans online: Payday loans are relatively easy to access online, and this doesn’t apply to personal loans. Most online payday loan lenders give out payday online loans within minutes of application. On the other hand, personal loans might require the borrower to show up at the financial platform physically, and disbursement takes days to months after application.
  6. Interest rates of payday advance loans: Payday loans have high-interest rates when compared to personal loans. This means payday loans cannot be used for debt consolidation.

How much can you get from a payday loan?

Various countries, states, and regions have bodies that regulate the maximum amount of payday loans can offer to their citizens. However, so many regions allow an amount that’s between $500 and $1000. However, the maximum amount is not given as the lender tends to consider certain factors before approving the loan. Some of these factors include your history with payday lenders as well as your income and expenses. All of these background checks are done to determine if you can handle payment when it's due without defaulting.

Payday loans bad credit check

Bad credit is something most loan bodies tend to look into before offering a loan to any person seeking it.Bad credit ratings accumulate over a period in which a borrower must have defaulted on terms and conditions accompanying the loan.

Online payday loans for bad credit

Most loan types require a borrower to have a good credit score before they can be offered the loan. Loans like personal loan will require a borrower to show evidence of good credit standing. However, payday loan facilities do not place much emphasis on bad credit, and this is simply because of measures that have been put in place to ensure the borrower pays when due.

How are safe online payday loans obtained?

Payday loans are usually quite accessible, and this is usually because there isn't a lot of terms and conditions tied to obtaining one. Furthermore, as there isn't a bad credit rating clause when obtaining payday loans, there aren’t as many barriers to obtain one. Several financial platforms offer payday loans, although a different name may be given to it in your country. With the advent and evolution of online tools, several online financial platforms offer payday loans to qualified persons.

Online Payday loans

For so many people, going to financial platforms to queue up for loans is quite the trouble, and the incentives attached to online payday loans make the prospect even more attractive. Getting payday loans online reduces much of the paperwork processes that are usually associated with physical platforms.

Requirements for Payday loans online

Most online payday loan platforms only require the user to register on the platform. Furthermore, you’ll be asked to upload a valid means of identification along with proof of earning in addition to accepting that you’ve attained the legal age of 18. After these documents have been verified, you’llhave to provide your account details as well as other vital details. Most borrowers prefer online payday loan platforms simply because of the convenience and confidentiality these platforms offer to borrowers.

Factors to consider when applying for a payday advance online

  1. Terms and conditions: It’s become a norm for people to skip the terms and agreements page simply because they are in haste to get things done with. However, when it comes to applying for payday loans, there’s a need to peruse each and every term being proposed by the lending body. This ensures you have proper knowledge of the agreement you’re entering with the lender.
  2. Ability to meet safe online payday loans deadline: The fact that payday loans are hinged on the fact that you’ll be getting your paycheck within 30 days of applying for the loan makes it a bit of a dilemma. Several situations could arise in that timeframe that could lead to your inability to meet such deadlines. It is important to factor in some of these possible scenarios so as not to end up defaulting when the payday loan is due.
  3. Interest rate and maximum amount of payday loan: Payday loan lenders offer varying amounts in terms of the maximum amount that can be lent as well as interest rates. Some lenders have their max pegged at $500 while others shave theirs at $1000, and it’s important to know if the lender you’re patronizing offers up to the amount you require. Furthermore, interest rates vary from lender to lender.
  4. Possibility of rollover: Many payday lenders do not allow the possibility of rolling over loans, and it’s always important to know which lenders allow rollover.
  5. Online payday loan reviews: Many online payday loan lenders have sections for user reviews from past borrowers. It’s important to go through such reviews to have a clear idea of how the lending party operates. Furthermore, a good rating means the lending platform is trustworthy and not a scam platform.

Benefits of payday advance loans

Payday loans offer a viable alternative to personal loans for borrowers with bad credit history as well as borrowers without savings. With payday loans, you don't have to worry about building your credit score, as even a bad credit score wouldn't affect your chances of getting one.

Furthermore, payday loans have fixed dates of payment, and these payment dates are usually fixed around the period the borrower's wages are paid; what this means is that the borrower can go about their businesses without fear of intimidation or harassment.

Payday loans also assist in emergencies for borrowers who do not have any savings. These persons can simply turn to payday loan lenders to apply for the required amount with the guarantee that the money will be paid back when their wages are paid.

What is the cost of a payday loan online?

Payday loans are known for their high-cost interest rates, and these rates tend to rise to huge fees when put together. Usually, payday lenders charge borrowers a certain fee for every $100 borrowed.The effect of this fee is fully felt when you're borrowing a huge amount. Payday annual percentage rates could rise to about 400% of the principal fee. The fact that payday loan interests cannot be paid in installments also makes it a tough prospect. Furthermore, a borrower is required to pay the interest along with the loan fee on their next payday.

Does Payday loan allow rollover?

Many payday loan lenders allow you to rollover your loan when certain conditions are met. However, these conditions usually prove to be expensive for most borrowers. One such condition is that when a loan is due for payment, and the borrower wants to extend the payment date.The borrower is needs to pay the accruing interest fee, and also another interest fee for the extension period.

For example, you borrow $100 at an interest rate of 10%.This means you're due to pay the lender about 110 percent within a fixed period. However, if you're unable to meet up with that fixed date, you'll be required to pay the interest fee of $10 to extend the loan for a certain period. A new interest rate of $10 is then set for the new period, which means you'll be paying $120 in total instead of $110 due to the extension.

Do Payday loans have any effect on your credit score?

Payday loans are not hinged on the borrower's credit score, and often, defaulting payment doesn't affect it. However, the inability to pay the loan on the due date might result in the lender reporting such borrower to the credit bureau.In turn, this might lead to the borrower getting blocked from receiving loans in the future. Also, some lenders even charge the borrower to court for defaulting payments terms and agreements.


Conclusively, payday loans are a great way to navigate out of financial cobwebs, and the ease of accessing these payday loans online is even more exciting. Payday loans can be your saving grace in an emergency that requires urgent attention. However, there are online scam platforms for payday loans, and this is why you need to carry out a necessary background check before proceeding.This article is a proper guide to help you on your way to applying for payday loans.

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